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Yahoo Answers sometimes has answers to peoples questions about colors that are interesting or informative. Here are a few about colors. Use your own judgement about the answers.

Donna asks…

I was wondering where to find information on stones and colors that would bring positive energy to ur life?

I am a sag,virgo moon and libra rising…i feel so happy when i feel at peace is there specifics things according to astrology or is it numerology that tells you the colors that are your lucky or bring good to you ….because i hate the colors it suggested for me, it would be depressing to wear them…where do you find the symbols and stones and colors to bring good energy to you on a personal level? my nationality is cherokee indian and irish….

Suzi Q answers:

These three links are the ones I like to use.

This gives you the associated information on your sign/planet/and placements.

The second is a Vedic link of remedies.

The third gives you the healing/metaphysical qualities of the stones.

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Nancy asks…

Do Filipinos have superstitions about colors?

for example, what colors should house walls be painted to bring good luck? also, what colors (of dress) to wear in interview to get the job?

thanks for answering.

Luvli Mystii answers:

Superstitions? Generally no, except for those who believe in feng shui or the horoscopes (the lucky color of the day part).

We dont have superstitions about what house paints to use. It depends on the personal preference of the person owning the house or the room, and on whether they hired an interior decorator. Some says red is a lucky color, but go and visit local houses, it’s very rare that you will find one. We dont have superstitions regarding color but I do know some superstitions when building houses during the old days. Some may still believe in them.
– Some do not prefer having entrance/exit door facing west (where sunset is setting).
– Two doors should not be facing each other.
– The number of steps the stairs has should follow the oro, plata, mata counting rule. Mata is not preferred.
I also do not understand the reason behind all these. Im not a superstitious person.

The same is true for color of clothes for interview. It’s not the color that helps a person land a job. It;s how he answers the questions. Wear anything that’s comfortable and suits you. Be neat.

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