The Color Pink – Is this your Lucky color?

By Sangeeta

The color Pink is mostly favored by women – be young, be old. Until 1940, it was considered as the color that is more suitable for boys. Back then, Blue was for girls. In later years, the colors reversed. Boys started going for Blue, avoiding Pink.

Till date, this practice continues. Hardly will you see any male folk wearing Pink shirts. The same goes for or Pink trousers, or Pink ties, or using Pink handkerchiefs.

People who are understanding and sympathetic towards others, childlike in behavior and have loving nature, prefer and choose Pink frequently. At the same time, too much use of Pink causes physical and mental weakness. Such people cannot control their feelings.

pink sky

Pink, a combination of Red that symbolizes hot passion and white that symbolizes purity, is considered to be the symbol of universal love. It is called the ‘color of love’ and used commonly on Valentine’s Day. Not only Pink, even Red is used on this day. Out of the two, Pink is considered to be more romantic and charming.

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Some Men think a Woman Looks “Pretty in Pink”

When White is mixed with Red, it reduces the passion in Red. Therefore, Pink is the lighter and softer side of Red.
I don’t know about you, but some men think a woman looks “Pretty in Pink”. I don’t mean a pink outfit, but other times such as when a woman blushes, her cheeks turn Pink.

Light shades of Pink have a soothing effect on the mind. This is the reason why prisons are painted Pink. It reduces a prisoner’s aggressive nature and calms his/her mind.

Studies have shown that Pink has the ability to make a person physically weak. They say that the football teams get the opponent team’s locker room painted Pink so that the color can weaken them physically and mentally.

pink cadillac

Any oldsters remember those years 57-60 when all the cars had fins like this 1959 Cadillac?

It’s been fun to get the reaction of visiting coaches to the color of their locker room. Most don’t notice it, but those that do are in trouble. . . . When I talk to an opposing coach before a game and he mentions the pink walls, I know I’ve got him. I can’t recall a coach who has stirred up a fuss about the color and then beat us. ~ Hayden Fry


More Interesting Facts about Pink

There are more interesting facts about Pink. It is said that male weightlifters lose strength and become tired in Pink rooms. However, women weightlifters derive more power from Pink rooms.

Pink is also known to make people crave for more sugar. Over-weight diabetics should never have Pink pastries or sweets served on Pink plates or boxes.

Pink is known as feminine color; women use Pink outfits more than men. Men from the fashion industry may wear Pink outfits for ramp walking or getting a product to sell. They normally do not wear it often like women.

However, red is more of passion, while pink is romantic and charming.
pink hairIf you are a web designer, use Pink as the background color of the websites that are related to ice-cream, ladies costumes, cosmetics and other beauty products.

Pink should never be used for the sites related to vehicles, especially cars and bikes as this color does not attract men. However, Pink dresses worn by women attract men more than any other color.

Though Pink is the softer and sweeter shade of Red, there are darker shades of Pink that have more Red. Pink that has the combination of Red and Orange makes Coral.

The darker shade of Pink that has the combination of Red and Violet makes Magenta. This color was once introduced as ‘hot Pink’ by fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli in 1947. A symbol for spreading hope and awareness about breast cancer is pink colored ribbon.

Pink has Importance in Religion and Feng Shui

The Color Pink


Pink has importance in Catholicism. It is regarded as the Christian color called ‘rose’ by the Catholic Church. Pink is used for the third Sunday of Advent and the fourth Sunday of Lent. It symbolizes joy and happiness.

According to the Chinese, Pink was a foreign color. Only recently they have started to recognize this color (after their contact with the foreign culture).

In Feng Shui, Pink soothes the mind and heart, and the person becomes a loving nature. If you believe in Feng Shui, then use Pink in the southwest direction (Earth element) of your space that is related to love and marriage. The light shade of Pink is the common Pink used in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui uses Pink for powder room, bedrooms (especially for young girls), bathrooms, and creative offices. Pink can be combined with Green or Black. Pink and Green is the combination of Fire and Wood. Pink and Black is the combinations of Fire and Water. Out of these two combinations, Pink and Black have the most elegant look and feel.

pink blossoms

A word of caution – this color should not be used too much as it inculcates a feeling of ‘living in a fantasy world’. The use of Pink gemstones promotes love and acceptance, and calms the mind. Always keep these gemstones around you – as a ring, as a broach, and the likes.

Naming the Color Pink


Dianthus : Click image for image credit

Two theories abound about how the color pink was named. The first is the color pink is named after flowers called pinks, flowering plants in the genus Dianthus. Then the other theory; that the name derives from the frilled edge of the Dianthuses flowers which have edges as if you cut them with pinking shears.

Pinking Shears

Pinking Shears - Click to enlarge / image credit

The verb “to pink” dates from the 14th century and means “to decorate with a perforated or punched pattern”. In the late 17th century the word “pink” was first used as a noun to refer to the color we know today as pink.

Using the word “pink” as a verb continues to be used today in the name of the hand tool known as pinking shears. Anyone who sews or makes garments is very familiar with pinking shears.

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