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Colorful Quotes by the Famous and Not-so-Famous

By Yolky da Broken Egg

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Colors are all around us. We normally take them for granted except possibly in certain situations. Some situations, professions, festivities and events or causes often call for a show of specific colors. You might find some colorful quotes about colors and things not necessarily related to a color.

For example, in breast cancer awareness you might think of pink. You think of nurses wearing white uniforms or outfits. Go to a funeral and you see lots of black. Schools have certain colors associated with them which you might see at a football game or other sports game.

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Those situations are fairly common, but do you ever think of quotes about colors? Most likely no. Unless it is an unusual situation, most of us probably never think about colorful quotes – I mean quotes referencing a particular color. There are lots of them. So to expand on the color theme I’ve collected some quotes of color from lots of different sources, mostly from the internet.

Think of your favorite color and there’s probably quotes using that color, maybe in ways totally unrelated to the color. That is, the color as you might normally think of it. Check the menu to see quotes of a different color.

More color quotes coming soon…

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At Least 50 Color Quotes to Give you a Mixed Up Idea of What People think About Colors

A color is as strong as the impression it creates.   ~ Ivan Albright

A dominant colour possesses tremendous power in making a painting unique.   ~ Mary Bassi

All colours will agree in the dark.   ~ Francis Bacon

All the other colors are just colors, but purple seems to have a soul ? when you look at it, it’s looking back at you.   ~ Uniek Swain

Blueness doth express trueness.   ~ Ben Jonson

Color does not add a pleasant quality to design – it reinforces it.    ~ Pierre Bonnard

apple is redColor in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic.   ~ Antoni Gaudi

Color is a matter of taste and of sensitivity.       ~ Edouard Manet

Color is an intense experience on its own.        ~ Jim Hodges

Color is born of the interpenetration of light and dark.   ~ Sam Francis

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.   ~ Claude Monet

Color is only beautiful when it means something.        ~ Robert Henri

Color is the fruit of life.      ~ Guillaume Apollinaire

Color is the language of the poets. It is astonishingly lovely. To speak it is a privilege.    ~ Keith Crown

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Color possesses me. I don’t have to pursue it. It will possess me always, I know it. That is the meaning of this happy hour: Color and I are one. I am a painter.   ~ Paul Klee

Color, rather than shape, is more closely related to emotion.   ~ David Katz

Color… thinks by itself, independently of the object it clothes.   ~ Charles Baudelaire

Coloring outside the lines is a fine art.   ~ Kim Nance

Colors are the smiles of nature.   ~ James Henry Leigh Hunt

Colors are the smiles of nature.   ~ Leigh Hunt

Colors express the main psychic functions of man.    ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Colors speak all languages.    ~ Joseph Addison

jelly beansColors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.   ~ Pablo Picasso

Colour is a creative element, not a trimming.   ~ Piet Zwart

Colour is as variable and evanescent in the form of pigment as in visible nature.   ~ Walter J. Phillips

Colour is, on the evidence of language alone, very bound up with the feelings.   ~ Marion Milner

Colour should be used to depict the three major emotions in a man’s life ? anticipation, realization and retrospection.   ~ Ernest Lawson

Colours are brighter when the mind is open.   ~ Adriana Alarcon

Each color lives by its mysterious life.    ~ Wassily Kandinsky

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Good colour really means good taste; and ‘powerful’ colour means a reserve, to give a climax its full force, and not ‘red, white, and blue all over.   ~ John F. Carlson

I advise students on the subject of color as follows: If it looks good enough to eat, use it.   ~ Abe Ajay

I think the names of colors are at the edge, between where language fails and where it’s at its most powerful.   ~ A.S. Byatt

It almost always happens that true, but exaggerated, coloring is more agreeable than absolute coloring.   ~ Michel Eugene Chevreul

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.   ~ Oscar Wilde

pink flowerNot only can color, which is under fixed laws, be taught like music, but it is easier to learn than drawing, whose elaborate principles cannot be taught.   ~ Eugene Delacroix

Of all God’s gifts to the sighted man, color is holiest, the most divine, the most solemn.   ~ John Ruskin

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.   ~ John Ruskin

Used throughout a room, orange can become surprisingly neutral, and yet it can be bright and mood-enhancing.   ~ Jonathan Adler

Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? no. Just as one can never learn how to paint.   ~ Pablo Picasso

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Any ground subtracts its own hue from the colors which it carries and therefore influences.   ~ Josef Albers

A color strategy is like a recipe for harmony – a set of color relationships that are proven to work well and can be used as a formula for building our color composition.   ~ Mitchell Albala

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Color is like cooking. The cook puts in more or less salt, that’s the difference!   ~ Josef Albers

I can smell it already, what color I have on my palette…   ~ Bill Alexander

It’s hard to live your life in color, and tell the truth in black and white.   ~ Gregg Allman

What Color is Love?… Color is something we see with our eyes, but love is something we see with our heart.   ~ Joan Walsh Anglund

Painting is a mosaic of colors weaved into a seamless whole.   ~ Igor Babailov

orange and brownI want to return colours to Gaza, which knows neither colours nor peace.   ~ Nidaa Badwan

Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time.   ~ Moncy Barbour

A dominant colour possesses tremendous power in making a painting unique.   ~ Mary Bassi

Chromophobia is perhaps only chromophilia without the colour.   ~ David Batchelor

Color… thinks by itself, independently of the object it clothes.   ~ Charles Baudelaire

Pure draughtsmen are philosophers and dialecticians. Colourists are epic poets.   ~ Charles Baudelaire

The Wizard of Oz… The Wizard of Oz… Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.   ~ L. Frank Baum

You put down one color and it calls for an answer. You have to look at it like a melody.   ~ Romare Bearden


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